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Why a Women of Color In Advent Series?

Typically, teachers and preachers teach and preach from the Scriptures without indication that it’s a narrative that’s primarily about people of color, and whereas no one people group has sole claim to God’s Kingdom, nevertheless, it is important to see, through representation, that those, whose voices have been historically missing, silenced and or diminished in society have always played huge roles  in the Salvation Story, and that they are no strangers to God’s Kingdom or an afterthought or accommodation to God’s plan of human redemption.

Another aspect of God’s Big Story that’s frequently hidden by teachers is that women of color are deeply involved from Day 1 in God’s Kingdom. That’s precisely why this Advent’s focus is on the Women of Color in Advent.

To help us make the connections, we considered that Advent for many has typically been translated as those four weeks before Christmas. In other words, Advent is about waiting for Christmas. Yet, this cannot be correct because Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. So why would the church be preparing for something that’s already happened???

A more biblically & theologically grounded perspective of Advent would be to ask “What in the timeline of the Christian Salvation Story, do we wait for now?” And as many would answer “the second coming of Christ,” this would launch us into what Advent is really about every year and for our series’ purpose.

The salvation of God’s people has always been characterized by timelines. That’s why we have Old Testament, New Testament, and Revelation (the Eschaton). And each timeline highlights how God’s people waited for the fulfillment of one promise or the other from God.

But why the need of a promise? The correct answer would be “because of the need for human redemption from the Fall.”

Then the next question would be how, what the pathways of this redemption? It is in tracing those pathways that we will feature the role of women of color (in the Bible).

Because too often, the story of redemption has been passed down to us through the voices of the patriarchs (thereby setting the scene for the flourishing of patriarchy) and not through matriarchs and patriarchs (the latter, which would set the tone of mutuality and equality as God intended from the very beginning), our Advent series will attempt to demonstrate that the pathways God took for redemption of humankind was one of mutuality, and not segregation of the sexes, and that the importance of recognizing and affirming these pathways has great impact for understanding, appreciating and better articulating God’s Kingdom for relationship, evangelism and ecclesiastical purposes.

Each theme in our series run for a week embellished by art, poetry, music, etc., hopefully from you! Please feel free to share and also send us your contributions. Thanks! God bless you!

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