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Eve’s Advent: You Better Watch Out!

Welcome to Day 6 of Advent!
Today, we’re using the power of song to tell the story of Eve’s Advent – primarily that Eve too, waited for a promise, the fulfillment of which we now celebrate at Christmas time and look forward to in Advent.

Songs memorialize our faith, values and beliefs and considering the significant role Eve played in Christian belief, it is strange that there are no songs written about her and as such, she’s effectively kept in the shadows, only to be whipped up and used as an instrument against women.

We hope all that changes because of the redemptive messages of Eve’s Advent which we’ve shared with you this week. And we hope that changes as you learn to sing about Eve’s place in Redemption Story, so that we can continue to celebrate the place of the all the mothers of our faith and Christian heritage.

So, join the chorus and let’s all sing along!
Our song “Eve’s Advent: You Better Watch Out!” was written by Rev. Tega Swann and performed by Tabitha McAbee.

Tabitha is a Christian, a wife, and also a mother of one son. She loves living! She’s from a large, loving & loud family, but also love ‘the quiet.’ She was born and raised in a small town in Arizona and loves country living and the desert.

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