Square VOCCU Logo (2)Voices of Color – Christians United (VOCCU) is a platform for expressing the struggles particularly faced by Christian women of color as they seek to live out biblical gender equality. It serves to encourage and support them; it also promotes among other people an understanding of the issues Christian women of color face in exercising their God-given gifts.

Whereas gender equality is a worldwide issue, VOCCU exists to support and highlight the peculiar gender equality struggles of people/women of color all over the world. Thus, we want to encourage people/women of color to share their stories and be in charge of their own narrative, etc.. As such, we limit all posts, articles, comments, etc to:

  • the contributions and accomplishments of women of color in the home, church, work place, etc.
  • the gender equality struggles of women of color in the home, church, work place, etc.

We ask that engagement be respectful and mindful of the fact that those in conversation with us are equally created in God’s image and therefore, worthy of our love and respect.

We reserve the right to delete any comments that do not meet these guidelines.

We are also looking for people of color to write about gender equality issues for women of color for our blog! If you are interested, please fill out our Contact Us form!

Thank you for being here! We look forward to engaging with you!

— VOCCU Team —

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