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A Seat at the Table

"Phrases like “same-sex-attraction” and “struggling with...” are homophobic dog whistles from anti-LGBTQ+ ideologies that are so extreme they believe that even identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual––even without acting on your attractions––is sinful, and being transgender is altogether off the table." -Alex M. Griffin


Unashamedly Taking Control of My Birth Control

The emotional and physical labor of contraception falls heavily on people who can get pregnant. We not only have more numerous and more effective options compared to people who can impregnate, but we are also blamed socially for our negligence if we do become pregnant. -Haley Gabrielle

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The Impact of American Psychology on Violence Against Black Men in North America

Living as a woman of color in America, it was not long before I realized that American Psychology was more harmful than helpful to Black people in America because it interprets the life of Black people from the perspective of how and where white America sees and places Black people and that until this was rectified by Black folks rising up to initiate the study of the psychology of Blacks contextually and then cross-culturally, the 'regular' psychology practiced in America is not helpful to non-whites and the non-white experience in America.

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The Ethnic and Sexual Diversity of Judaism in Jesus’s Day

"When we imagine the early followers of Jesus, we must imagine them beyond an ethnic binary of Jew/Greek and beyond a sexual binary of male/female. God’s people has always been diverse, before, during, and after the days of Jesus, and God’s people continues to be diverse today." -Haley Gabrielle

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Does Leadership De-Womanize Women?

"Women cooked And cleaned up after husbands and after children But Elizabeth didn't So she wasn't woman enough" -Rev. Oghene'tega Swann

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When God Sends Us Those Foreigners

"It's a despicable human practice that the most despised group in a despised people group are the women of that people group. For some strange reason, dishonoring the women of a despised tribe is proof of how low that tribe is. No wonder enemy groups degrade the women of their opponents through rape. Yes, women always have it worse when it comes to any marginalized group!" -Rev. Tega Swann