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Man or Husband Does Not Mean or Translate as Protector, Provider, Defender, Etc..

Nowhere in the Scriptures is there mention of this term being translated to mean 'provider,' 'defender,' or 'protector.' Instead, what we see in Scripture is that people who are in covenant of commitment to one another deliberately practice and model these concepts regardless of their gender. -Oghene'tega Swann

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A Seat at the Table

"Phrases like “same-sex-attraction” and “struggling with...” are homophobic dog whistles from anti-LGBTQ+ ideologies that are so extreme they believe that even identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual––even without acting on your attractions––is sinful, and being transgender is altogether off the table." -Alex M. Griffin

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Allied Partnership Blog: Time’s Up on Church Silence About Sexual Violence

"But I’ve been served communion many times by men whose wives came to church with black eyes. As a teenager, I heard several pre-communion devotions from young men who harassed, coerced, and assaulted girls in the congregation. At least one girl told of being groped and forcibly kissed at church, but nothing was done. The perpetrator was later asked to speak during Sunday morning services again and again while that girl, no girl or woman ever was." -Dr. Tara M. Tuttle

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The Sex Benefits of An Egalitarian Marriage

"My husband doesn’t assume things about my sexuality just because I am a woman, and I resist the same temptation to stereotype him. In this way, we are free to express our sexuality without labels, or barriers, or shame." -Iris Chen