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Allied Partnerships: Men of Color, Be Your Sisters’ Keepers

"One of the ways that people of color communities have yet to do right by women of color, is having men of color stand with women of color in the gender equality conversation." -Rev. Oghene'tega Swann

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How Politicizing Race Discriminates Against People of Color

"If one is constantly presented with a negative image of a community and that image is fed with hateful rhetoric, it eventually normalizes any violence done to that community." -

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Absentee Fathers: Is It a Black Men Only Thing?

"The issue of absentee fathers has been projected upon African-American communities in America as an issue of the moral failure of African-American men, when in reality, it is a drastic combination of patriarchy and the violent consequence of racism on the Black community." -Rev. Tega Swann

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Out of Egypt…

"People of color groups are widely featured in biblical history and not always as enemies of God's purposes or the Gospel story, but rather, they were often instruments for effecting the redemption story."

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Racial Equality And The Reconstruction of Order

"But why does resistance cause so much fear in the minds of people? Perhaps, because resistance communicates a total reconstruction of order!" -Stephen L. Robertson