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Allied Partnership Blog: Time’s Up on Church Silence About Sexual Violence

"But I’ve been served communion many times by men whose wives came to church with black eyes. As a teenager, I heard several pre-communion devotions from young men who harassed, coerced, and assaulted girls in the congregation. At least one girl told of being groped and forcibly kissed at church, but nothing was done. The perpetrator was later asked to speak during Sunday morning services again and again while that girl, no girl or woman ever was." -Dr. Tara M. Tuttle

Abusive Churches & Gender Inequality, Alicia Crosby, Church & Gender Inequality, PTSD & Women of Color, VOCCU

When Answering The Call Means Leaving

"They tried to get me to fit into constrictive, gendered box, rife with limitations, but failed to understand that because I know I bear the reflection of Divinity, I reject the lie that my womanhood makes me ill-equipped to do anything." -Alicia Crosby