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R-E-S-P-E-C-T In Nigerian Families

"Everyone wants to be respected. Everyone needs to be respected. Respect should not be gender based.  Respect is reciprocal. When respect is accorded to both men and women, regardless of gender, we will have better homes and communities and also raise respectful kids." -Edith Durojaiye

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Leave No Sister Behind!

"...any woman given the right circumstances will fight for what is valuable or important to her.  The fighter in her is unfortunately and sometimes thwarted by her circumstances...As long as there is separation between us and our sisters who are still battling with basic needs, we will never speak the same language." -Farikanayi

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Reflections on the 2017 Evangelical Theological Society Conference by Haley Gabrielle

"Having even just one woman or person of color speaking on a panel or within a group of papers can have a big impact on the tenor of the conversation." -Haley Gabrielle

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When Answering The Call Means Leaving

"They tried to get me to fit into constrictive, gendered box, rife with limitations, but failed to understand that because I know I bear the reflection of Divinity, I reject the lie that my womanhood makes me ill-equipped to do anything." -Alicia Crosby