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At-Risk Youth or At-Risk Communities?

"Our well-meaning North American psychological bent towards the communities of color tends to address the effects of risks our communities face without ever really addressing the injustices that creates those effects." -Rev. Oghene'tega Swann

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Absentee Fathers: Is It a Black Men Only Thing?

"The issue of absentee fathers has been projected upon African-American communities in America as an issue of the moral failure of African-American men, when in reality, it is a drastic combination of patriarchy and the violent consequence of racism on the Black community." -Rev. Tega Swann

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A Call To End The Infamy On Black and Brown Bodies

"Existing while black is neither a crime nor a threat, but unchecked bias will result in injustice towards black and brown people and even cost them their lives." -Elizabeth Quashie