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Mutuality is Being “Seen”

"Mutuality is about being 'seen' and 'affirmed' as inherently worthy and equally equipped and imbued by God with knowledge, integrity, honor, skills, worthiness, etc., and being 'brought into' the space where one exists and functions with others in that paradigm of equality." -Rev. Oghene'tega Swann

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If We’re Equal Enough To Die Side by Side

"So my question is: if we’re equal enough to die side by side, why aren’t we equal enough to stand side by side in all spheres of life???"

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Eve, Keeper of the First Watch

"Eve's hopeful waiting for the promised deliverance laid the ground work for the covenanted people of God to inherit the promises. She expressed her hope in the name of her son, and it wasn't long before others around learned to express a similar hope in God, enough to call upon him!"