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A Seat at the Table

"Phrases like “same-sex-attraction” and “struggling with...” are homophobic dog whistles from anti-LGBTQ+ ideologies that are so extreme they believe that even identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual––even without acting on your attractions––is sinful, and being transgender is altogether off the table." -Alex M. Griffin

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Single Women and the Imago Dei

"The revelation of who God is carries into our lives both as single and married folks, and not just as married folks. Thus, we do not lack full representation of God only to gain it when we become married. Instead, God reveals the fullness of His being to us both in singleness and in marriage." -Rev. Tega Swann

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The Sex Benefits of An Egalitarian Marriage

"My husband doesn’t assume things about my sexuality just because I am a woman, and I resist the same temptation to stereotype him. In this way, we are free to express our sexuality without labels, or barriers, or shame." -Iris Chen