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At-Risk Youth or At-Risk Communities?

"Our well-meaning North American psychological bent towards the communities of color tends to address the effects of risks our communities face without ever really addressing the injustices that creates those effects." -Rev. Oghene'tega Swann

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When Our Skin Is Our Sin

"As the black community grapples with the effects of incarceration on generations of black men, we now have to grapple with the incarceration of black women and the fact that colorism and the disdain for blackness is a contributing factor to who enters prison and how long they stay there." -Onlielove Alston

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Absentee Fathers: Is It a Black Men Only Thing?

"The issue of absentee fathers has been projected upon African-American communities in America as an issue of the moral failure of African-American men, when in reality, it is a drastic combination of patriarchy and the violent consequence of racism on the Black community." -Rev. Tega Swann